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Richard Mackness’ Sculptures are in the Gardens!!

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I often make the 12 mile journey to my workshop / studio in the country from my home in York by bicycle. You see so much from the saddle of a bike. With these journeys I have come to know the undulations of the land, the play of light and the shape and colour of each season, and see in detail the texture and the exquisite forms of the natural world.

The landscape is worked; the activity of farming, and the roadways and traffic moving through the land all modify and re-configure the evolved systems of nature. This relationship between people and the land is ancient and over millennia has brought about the landscape as we know it today.

My studio is on an old airfield that is now an industrial estate, in the middle of farmland. Nature and industry form the backdrop to my studio and in subtle ways this pairing informs much of my work. The natural and the manufactured, human and machine are longstanding themes for me.

For this show at Kunsthuis I am delighted to have the opportunity to place some work in an outside space, in addition to the gallery itself. These pieces are hand cast into finely textured concrete. Most of the interior pieces are in metals; bronze, aluminium and copper.

Now based back in York after having lived in New York and London for some time, Richard has shown his sculptures extensively around the UK, in Europe and the U.S.A., including at the Whitechapel Gallery London, Aldeburgh Festival, Ikon Gallery Birmingham, Lehmbruck museum Duisburg and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Richard Mackness lives and works in York, UK.

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