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Steve Tomlinson brightens up the Cafe!

Flying Up by Steve Tomlinson Plume by Steve Tomlinson

Steve Tomlinson’s work is now a fab feature to our Cafe space. He works mainly as a public artist but also exhibits his paintings in galleries. This particular collection of ‘swimmers’ paintings came about as a result of researching an intended series of works loosely titled ‘profile elegance’ and a public sculpture he was developing where a figure was being created from similar sized pieces. He became very interested in pointillism at the time, so the unintended combination of these interests resulted in this series of work.

Although I call them such, it’s not strictly an accurate description because I also try and create a sense of a moment held in time. As painter I am also interested in the visual technical game being played out upon the calico. Calico is chosen because of its smooth weave and so I am not battling with a texture normally associated with canvas. However, all works are stretched over a stretched canvas to provide strength and durability.”

With each painting the artist chooses whether to let a series of dots dry, or whether to just allow their edges to dry so that he can wipe out their centre to leave a ring of paint. Colour choices are also integral to the kind of atmosphere that he wishes to create with each work.

Steve Tomlinson lives and works in Country Durham, UK.


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