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Garden Studio offers a range of products to help you get the dream garden you want. Depending on your personal circumstances Garden Studio offers the following products;

You can contact Sjaak to discuss your garden wishes by email or ring him on 07377 991722

Garden advice (From £45.00 an hour)

Struggling with your garden not knowing how to prune certain plants, not sure if a hedge is still in good condition or simply finding the garden too much work but do not know how to reduce the work load. A garden advice can be help full. Especially if you still want to be involved in your garden and enjoy doing the work yourself. Garden Studio can offer tailor made advice. For example a monthly visit of half an hour to an hour highlighting what to do and how to do certain garden jobs. 

Garden report (From £200 incl two site visits)

Need something more substantial? A garden report can be the right answer. A garden report will provide you a written document with photos and sketch drawings, ideas and suggestions of your garden. Starting with an inventory of the existing plants a report, depending on your wishes, will analyse problems in your garden and will contain suggestions for improvement. A garden report will include two site visits, the first to discuss the problems/wishes the second to discuss the proposals and solutions. 

Garden Design (From £300)

Garden studio offers more than 15 years of gardening and design experience. Creative expertise combined with an aesthetic eye will transform every garden. The design service includes three site visits, a full to scale drawn plan, planting and material plan, and if requested a working plan drawn to scale.  A design is a good start for complete garden make overs.  A design offers a complete overview of possibility’s and is a process of contact between the designer ideas and the client’s wishes. 

Soft landscaping (from £25.00 an hour)

Garden getting too much, or full of ideas but need a push in the right direction. Garden studios soft landscaping service can be the right thing for you. Want to replant a border?  With a Garden report containing planting suggestions as a starting point, work can be followed by a hands on step by step approach of reusing plants and adding new plants. Get expert help on soil improvement, drainage, nutrition, planting and plant care. Suitable of every budget. 

You can contact Sjaak to discuss your garden wishes by email or ring him on 07377 991722